Memorial Restoration

Ursells memorial restoration service

Memorial restoration is a specialist skill that requires an intricate knowledge of materials. Here at Ursells, we have over 130 years of experience with restoring memorials back to their original beauty. Our expert craftsmen use a combination of chemical and mechanical techniques that have been developed and passed down since our beginnings in 1885. 

Many other companies offer a ‘quick-fix’ solution that often causes more damage to your memorial than was originally there. The acid chemicals used can cause long-term damage that expose the pores of the memorial to elements and air pollutants and accelerate the deterioration. 

Our correct method of restoration removes a microscopic layer of the damaged surface, which seals the pores in a healthy way and prevents further damage from occurring. All memorial refurbishment work is carried out to the highest industry standards and conforms to all Health & Safety requirements — achieving the best method and results for all.

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