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It can be difficult choosing which memorial will best commemorate the life of a departed loved one.

Here at Ursells, we take great pride in the wide range of quality headstones and gravestones available from our collection and believe there is certain to be a memorial type and design that’s suitable for everyone.

With that said, we understand that you know best when it comes to remembering your loved one, and you may believe that a sole traditional headstone doesn’t offer enough to sufficiently pay tribute.

Fortunately, we are memorial stonemasons who offer much more than old-fashioned headstones and memorials.

Decorating Around a Burial Plot

Choosing a memorial stone material and apt words for an inscription are just the very beginning of creating a memorial.
With decorative additions, the memorial can be quickly transformed into a truly beautiful resting place.

From flower containers that complement full kerb sets, to choosing an appropriate inscription font, to selecting memorial vases and bespoke etched designs – there are many things that offer creative and meaningful additions to a grave.

For example, flowers allow you to instantly transform and change the feel of a grave by bringing a combination of colours and nature to the burial site.

Our memorial vases are available in all shapes, sizes, and stones, and can help create a focal point whereby you can change the flower displays throughout the year by replenishing them with the flowers that are in season.

Pink flowers in a cemetery with graves and memorials in the background

Adding a Personal Touch to the Grave

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to the grave, memorials can be decorated with photo plaques, decorative engravings, or finely etched designs.

This allows you to incorporate something unique and truly meaningful that represents the life of your loved one or showcases something that they dearly valued.

This could be a hobby, something they believed in, an item that they held close to their heart, a national emblem they were proud of, or a sports team they passionately supported.

The options are endless – provided they adhere to the cemetery rules and regulations.

You can choose from our many options or speak with our friendly team of family of advisors to see how we can make your memorial ideas a reality.

A Grave Memorial Can Reflect a Personality

While walking through a cemetery, you may find many headstones and gravestones appear very simple and in uniform with each other.

As people, we are unique and different from everyone else. There is no reason a memorial cannot also stand out from those that surround it – providing all cemetery or church graveyard rules are abided.

Additional items or creative designs on a memorial can help elevate a grave to something that is far more personal and telling of a personality than a simple plain headstone.

Headstone in the style of an open book
Memorial vase with fine etching design
Headstone in the shape of a heart with flower engravings
Handcrafted headstone with religious statue

Work With Our Memorial Designers

Finding a way to display any additional elements so that the memorial is well unified is the next step.

Our memorial designers can work with your ideas to present you with examples of what is possible. Headstones can be completely transformed with intricate engravings, poetic inscriptions, and beautifully etched designs.

The best way to display a variety of memorial elements may be through a kerb set memorial.

A kerb set memorial extends from the headstone and creates a boundary around the burial plot, much like a contained garden. This can help unify the memorial items you choose and ensure they are well displayed, helping the grave truly stand out from other burial plots that surround it.

Providing the cemetery allows it, kerbed memorials are then typically filled with flowers, plants and other greenery, coloured chippings, or a quality stone cover slab that matches the headstone and rest of the kerb set.

Opting for a kerb set opens up a wide range of possibilities for engraving and customisation, with headstones, foot ends, and stone covers all offering additional space.

Stationary on a white desk

How Much Does a Kerb Set Memorial Cost?

We offer kerbed memorials in a vast range of designs and quality stone materials, with each kerb set having the option to be truly unique.

This means prices for a kerb set can vary significantly based on requirements and other outside factors, such as volatility in the availability of certain stones.

With that said, what we do offer is over 130 years of memorial stonemasonry experience, a best price promise, and a 30-year guarantee, all of which ensures a high-quality and long-lasting memorial for your loved one’s final resting place.

For more information on memorial prices, or to learn more about our range of kerb set designs that can incorporate book memorials, heart shaped headstones, hand-carved gravestones and more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Black granite kerb set for a grave with flowers
Grey granite kerb set with vase at foot end for flowers
Blue granite kerb set with cover slab
Granite kerb set with heart headstone and angel engraved statue

Help With Choosing the Right Grave Surround Memorial

Ursells Memorial Masons are based in Ross-on-Wye, so we have the knowledge required to correctly advise you on the memorial rules of your chosen burial ground or churchyard throughout Ross and surrounding areas of Herefordshire.

With this knowledge, we can help you choose which aspects of a grave design are suitable and what may need to be altered within your plans – or we can help you design a memorial entirely from scratch.

Each burial site will have its own restrictions on which type of memorials can be used and what things are allowed to be placed on the grave or surrounding area. Our memorial designers are used to working within the certain restrictions that are in place, so we can factor these in while helping you to design something that truly reflects the personality and life of your departed loved one.

Should you have any questions with regards to kerbed memorials, headstones, grave design ideas, or any other aspect of grave memorials, don’t hesitate to contact our team today by calling 01989 562 530, e-mailing info@ursells.co.uk or by completing our online contact form.

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