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Book designs are among some of the most popular designs for a memorial.

A headstone or cremation memorial crafted into the design of a book is an option for all, whether with or without a devout faith.

You may have noticed in cemeteries across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire that there is our endless book styles and designs available with an array of stone materials and ornamental optional extras to choose from.

This allows book memorials to provide a beautiful opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one in a variety of different ways.

Book memorial headstone made from black granite displayed in a showroom

Book Memorials Are Popular Among All With or Without Faith

In Christianity and Judaism, the Book of Life is the book in which God records the name of each person on earth who is destined for Heaven and the World to Come – with this in mind, a book headstone is often selected as a perfect way to indicate someone’s faith along with a carefully chosen biblical inscription.

For secularists, an inscription on a book memorial is more likely to reflect that person’s interests, profession, personality or similar.

In each instance, whether for a secular person or someone of devout faith, a book memorial typically lists the dates of the deceased’s birth and death. Like many other memorials, book memorials also often list the names of immediate family members if enough inscription space is present.

Book headstone designs are used widely by many religions across the entire world, such as book memorials on Muslim graves representing the Koran, or this example below of a book memorial in East Java, Indonesia.

Book Memorial Designs – Open or Closed?

When it comes to choosing a book memorial, one of the first things you’ll want to decide is whether to choose a book design that’s closed or open.

A skilled memorial stonemason will be able to talk through the various book designs and styles that are available, as well as discuss bespoke book memorial options if the examples you have seen fail to meet the exact requirements you’re looking for.

Closed Book Memorials

A closed book memorial is most often associated with religious meaning, indicating that one life has closed, and another is to come – an acknowledgement to afterlife.

Examples of book memorials in a closed design

Open Book Memorials

If the book memorial is to be designed as an open book many people choose to add a decorative tassel in between the two pages that’s crafted using the same or different stone material.

An open book headstone or cremation memorial is ideal for when two or more people are buried or honoured together as it provides an opportunity to elegantly separate inscriptions on one memorial.

Examples of book memorials in an open design

With decorative additions an open book memorial may have less available space for the inscriptions, but this can be offset by placing the book atop a riser base so that additional inscription space is present – although the memorial must remain within any height restrictions imposed by the cemetery, so should be researched beforehand.

Other Book Memorial Design Considerations

Instead of a tassel there are other decorative options that could be considered, such as flowers, birds, angels, symbols and emblems that have significant meaning to the deceased.

These can be intricately etched or carved into the stone so that they complement the memorial rather than take anything away from the significance of the book itself.

If the cover of the book memorial is torn, this is an indication that the person passed away at a young age.

As with most headstones, flower vases are typically placed at the end of the base so that they do not interfere with inscriptions and epitaphs on the memorial or base.

Book memorials aren’t always necessarily upright, either.

They often lay flat or at an angle and can also be designed as part of a decorative grave kerb set if the cemetery allows.

Full kerb set with book headstone design

Which Materials Are Most Book Memorials Made From?

A wide range of stone materials can be used to make a book memorial, though granite is the most popular stone that’s used.

This is due to its durability, weather resistance, wide range of colours, and ease of maintenance.

White marble is also very popular for book memorials due to the stone’s elegant and premium aesthetic appeal.

For book memorials with a great deal of intricate carving then a softer stone may be more suitable, such as limestone.

If you’re searching for the perfect book memorial or would like to learn more about bespoke designs and other options that we have available here at Ursells Memorial Masons, do get in touch with our team of family advisors. To book your consultation with our Herefordshire and Gloucestershire memorial experts please contact 01989 562 530, e-mail info@ursells.co.uk or complete our simple online contact form.

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